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      About Us
      Company Profile

      Xinruilian group is a Taiwan owned enterprise. Established in 1994 in Shenzhen, China, business headquarter is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and setting up various branches and offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, and other places. Factory covers an area of 37000 square meters in China.

      Xinruilian has been specialized in Thermal Solution industry for over 25 years, and become one of the world-class top ten brushless motor fan manufacturers. Xinruilian has a wide range of products, including AC/DC axial fans, blower, centrifugal fans, motors and pumps, and they are used in various field. Our professional and experienced staff can provide the best support when and where you need it.

      High Productivity

      Xinruilian Group has strong production capacity, we possess the molding department, injection, metal stamping, die-casting department, SMT production line and finished product assembly line.

      From the production of hardware, molding design to PCB assembly, stator, motor assembly and finished products, the full process vertical integration capability has been formed. The self-made rate is as high as 98% and even more.

      Customer Satisfaction
      Adhering to the concept of product innovation and customer first, we constantly improve our product categories to meet the diversified needs of the market. Our products and service are highly recognized and trusted by worldwide customers.

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